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Terence McKenna delivered this lecture, Psychedelics in the Age of Intelligent Machines, on April 22 1999 in Seattle, Washington. This is known as Terence’s final public lecture before falling seriously ill to brain cancer a month later.

It's almost comical that this quote wasn't necessarily from Terence's prepared lecture, but rather a tangent brought up during the Q&A portion at the end of the lecture. Terence himself begins answering the question by saying "I don't really want to get off on this tear because it's a lecture in itself but culture is not your friend!"

This was my first encounter with McKenna. His words had struck a chord that still resonates within me today and reverberates in a lot of my work.

I’ve been struggling with the dichotomy of this project lately, the messages I want to share don’t seem appropriately set in the medium I’ve chosen. It feels contradictory to talk about culture and the operating system of Consumer Capitalism 5.0 while making t-shirts nobody actually needs and peddling them on this shitty excuse of a social media app. But I’ve come to accept this paradox as it is only the conflict between reality and our feelings of what reality ought to be.

Designed & Printed around Los Angeles, CA
2 Color Plastisol Print on Front
2 Color Plastisol Print on Back
Printed on a 5.75 oz "Cool Grey" T-shirt from SOS Organics
Organic Cotton grown in Texas
Milled, knitted, cut and sewn in the Carolinas

SOS organic cotton products are 100% Made in the USA, "sweat shop free", by American workers being paid a fair and lawful wage. These standards do not allow for a "cheap" organic t-shirt, but a product with a very high value and quality that our customers can be proud to wear for many years. SOS products have a pedigree as we can tell you when and where they were planted and trace their development into a finished product.

Measurements of shirt are taken AFTER WASHING AND DRYING
( shirts are unwashed, they will fit a size larger before their initial wash )
Size - Height" x Width"
Small - 26.0" - 18.50"
Medium - 27.5" - 20.5"
Large - 28.0" - 22.5"
X-Large - 29" - 24"
XX-Large - 30" - 27"

SOS Doesn't carry these grey tees in anything above a 2X-Large
3X-Large will be printed on Comfort Colors
3X-LARGE - 32.5" - 27"

DISLAIMER: THESE SHIRTS ARE NOT PERFECT ( and that's just the way we like them! ) Due to the nature of our production, no two shirts are identical. Each shirt is printed by hand in a small garage by me! Each shirt is a labor of love and may have small ink spots from my grimy fucking fingers or uneven or slightly off-center prints.

If you are truly dissatisfied with the quality of the shirt please email me at [email protected]