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Very limited run of custom one off dyes by the brothers Joe & Howie ( aka @bigfamilydyes & @living_spirit_dyes

Small - Dyed by Joe @bigfamilydyes
Small 2 - Dyed by Howie @living_spirit_dyes
Medium - Dyed by Howie @living_spirit_dyes
X-Large - Dyed by Joe @bigfamilydyes
2X-Large - Dyed by Joe @bigfamilydyes

I made these for the upcoming "Deceased & Associates" residency in Las Vegas. Loosely inspired by Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas and the hero's journey of Raoul Duke as he overcomes his own drug fueled delusions in an already deteriorating reality that is the American Dream. I started to imagine what a substantial psychedelic experience at the Sphere would be like and dove into the psychology and philosophy associated with an ego-death experience in a setting like this.

This psychological (dare I say.. heady) design is inspired by the works of;
Michel Foucault Discipline and Punish - 1975
Carl Jung The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious - 1959
Friedrich Nietzsche The Gay Science -v1882
and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross On Death & Dying - 1969

The front graphic is heavily lifted and slightly altered work from Yugoslavian born Russian artist, Nikolai Lutohin (1932-2000) known best for his graphic and surrealistic science fiction works.

Designed & Printed by one person ( that's me! ) somewhere around Los Angeles, CA
Plastisol Print on Front & on Back
Printed on a 5.75 oz T-shirt from SOS Organics
100% Natural Organic Cotton grown in Texas

SOS organic cotton products are 100% Made in the USA, "sweat shop free", by American workers being paid a fair and lawful wage. These standards do not allow for a "cheap" organic t-shirt, but a product with a very high value and quality that our customers can be proud to wear for many years. SOS products have a pedigree as we can tell you when and where they were planted and trace their development into a finished product.

Measurements of shirt are taken AFTER WASHING AND DRYING
( shirts are unwashed, they will fit a size larger before their initial wash )
Size - Height" x Width"
Small - 26.0" - 18.50"
Medium - 27.5" - 20.5"
Large - 28.0" - 22.5"
X-Large - 29" - 24"
XX-Large - 30" - 27"

DISCLAIMER: THESE SHIRTS ARE NOT PERFECT ( and that's just the way we like them! ) Due to the nature of our production, no two shirts are identical. Each shirt is printed by hand in a small garage by me! Each shirt is a labor of love and may have small ink spots from my grimy fucking fingers or uneven or slightly off-center prints.

If you are truly dissatisfied with the quality of the shirt please email me at [email protected]