Orange Sunshine - Blotter Art

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Orange Sunshine - Blotter Art

7.5" x 7.5" archival "acid free" paper
Perforated into 900 1/4" "tabs"
Professionally printed and perforated with the help of Zane Kesey of Key Z Productions (@zanekesey)
Limited Edition of 100

Inspired by The Brotherhood of Eternal Love, Orange Sunshine and Laguna's Christmas Happening of 1970.

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love was a group of surfer's in Laguna, California. They started smuggling hashish to the states from Afghanistan in hollowed out surfboards and Volkswagens. It was after their first experience with LSD that their focus changed. They teamed up with Owsley Stanley's apprentice, Tim Scully, who had been living with the Grateful Dead and working with Owsley to build the sound equipment for the band prior to Owsley's arrest on Christmas Eve of 1967. Scully went on and assembled his own lab to produce LSD for the Brotherhood before teaming up with Nick Sand a year later.

The Brotherhood’s primary goal was to be able to distribute LSD to as many people as possible for as little money as they could manage. They believed LSD to be a sacrament and looked to spread their message of love and peace across the world while turning on the world. It's estimated that together they produced somewhere around 750 million doses of acid.

They threw a Christmas Celebration in the Winter of 1970 called "The Christmas Happening"...... during which they dropped thousands of Christmas cards, each with a small orange pressed pill containing 300μg of the Orange Sunshine LSD.

( It was confirmed that the Grateful Dead were going to play the event but reports indicate that they were unfortunately stuck in traffic and trapped outside of city limits after Neil Purcell and Laguna P. D. shut down the roads into town, essentially quarantining Laguna and the Christmas Happening. )


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