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This one is for the spinners!

This is a bootleg design. A friend of mine came across the image and showed it to me - needless to say I was immediately fixated on this idea and listened to Bob Dylan's "Hurricane" on repeat while rebuilding the graphic using different images.

I have been trying to find the source of the original image, but it's been a little difficult to track down. You can find the image online, often passed around like a meme amongst heads in Florida and the South during the stormy season. Anyways, I'm surprised you've read this far!

Designed & Printed around Los Angeles, CA
4 Color CMYK Process Print on Front
Printed on a Los Angeles Apparel 2017 6.0z cotton t-shirt

Size - Height" ( from shoulder to hem ) x Width" ( from arm pit to arm pit )

Small - 26.75" - 18.625"
Medium - 27.875" - 20.625"
Large - 29.0" - 22.625"
X-Large - 30.375" - 24/625"
2X-Large - 31.75" - 26.625"
3X-Large - 32.375" - 28.625"

DISCLAIMER: THESE SHIRTS ARE NOT PERFECT ( and that's just the way we like them! ) Due to the nature of our production, no two shirts are identical. Each shirt is printed by hand in a small studio by me! Each shirt is a labor of love and may have small ink spots from my grimy fucking fingers or uneven or slightly off-center prints.

If you are truly dissatisfied with the quality of the shirt please email me at [email protected]