Graphic inspired by Mickey Hart & The Beam

After attending a Grateful Dead concert, director Francis Ford Coppola asked Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann to record drum music for his film "Apocalypse Now." They improvised the music at the same time a rough cut of the movie was being screened. Some of that music ended up being used on the final soundtrack. The recording sessions took place over a period of ten days. Following that, selections from the sessions were remixed and assembled into the final album.

An unusual percussion instrument built for the sessions, variants of which have been built and later used in Grateful Dead concerts and Mickey Hart's solo touring bands, was "The Beam". This is a large (8 foot in length) aluminum I-beam (actually a "C" shaped beam facing down with the strings across the flat outside-top surface) strung with 13 bass piano strings all tuned to the note of D (a Pythagorean mono-chord at various octaves). The Beam has a heavy-duty bridge and string anchor at one end and a nut with tuning hardware at the other end. It has a movable magnetic pickup block to facilitate capture and transmission of various tonal qualities. The pickup block feeds a volume pedal and various audio effects units, which route the signals through an amplifier or sound system. The Beam generates a large variety of low frequency primary tones and harmonic overtones, and is played by hitting the strings with a percussion mallet, plucking the strings by hand or with a plectrum, scraping them with various implements (fingernails, plectrums, metal bars), or by pounding on The Beam frame itself to induce a bell-like resonance of all the strings simultaneously.

This design is a collage inspired by Yugoslavian born Russian artist, Nikolai Lutohin ( 1932-200 ) known best for his graphic and surrealistic science fiction works. It features a woodcut engraving of Pythagoras playing what appears to be an early prototype of the Beam and a reference to the Beam's Pythagorean mono chord tuning. The design is encompassed by a birds-eye view of Stonehenge, which has been studied for it's theoretical acoustic and resonance properties. ( here's an interesting article on the subject if you'd like to learn more )


Designed & Printed around Los Angeles, CA
Oversized White Plastisol Print on Front
Printed on a Los Angeles Apparel 2017 6.0z cotton t-shirt

Size - Height" ( from shoulder to hem ) x Width" ( from arm pit to arm pit )

Small - 26.75" - 18.625"
Medium - 27.875" - 20.625"
Large - 29.0" - 22.625"
X-Large - 30.375" - 24/625"
2X-Large - 31.75" - 26.625"
3X-Large - 32.375" - 28.625"

DISCLAIMER: THESE SHIRTS ARE NOT PERFECT ( and that's just the way we like them! ) Due to the nature of our production, no two shirts are identical. Each shirt is printed by hand in a small garage by me! Each shirt is a labor of love and may have small ink spots from my grimy fucking fingers or uneven or slightly off-center prints.

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